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Forager® Mat

Premium Snuffle Mat for Dogs

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Engage their mind & no more worrying about your furbaby eating too quickly, causing choking, vomiting, or bloating. Furbaby's must use their sense of smell and natural foraging instincts to hunt for their food in the Forager® Mat! Designed with comfort in mind, Forager® Mat uses our proprietary SoftSnout™ material, the softest material available in snuffle mats for dogs, making it perfect for every snack or mealtime and will not irritate furbaby noses, tongues or gums. Our proprietary anti-slide backing was designed to hug the floor to provide a slide-resistant experience to withstand the strongest of noses while foraging! Use Forager® Mat as a dog food bowl replacement in your home to help encourage slower eating habits, increase food motivation, and give your furbaby a fun, interactive eating experience!

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Perfect for:

  • Mental Stimulation
  • Feeding Motivation
  • Travel
  • Anti Boredom
  • Calming & Anti-Anxiety
  • Brain Engagement
  • Slow-Feeding
  • Encouraging Natural Foraging Instincts
  • Supplementing Exercise
  • All Life Stages

    And More!

Special Features


Because we love wet nose kisses, we created our pet-safe SoftSnout™ material to be non-abrasive and non-irritating to furbaby noses, gums, or tongues while they search for their next treat.

Nosework Development

Pets use their noses like we use our brains, working through the Forager™ Mat is much like solving an intense math problem, with the reward being a full tummy once solved!

Triple Stitched

Dogs love to play hard, so we don't mess around with single stitching. Triple stitched material adds durability and toughness for all foragers!

Anti-Slide Backing

Our proprietary anti-slide backing was specifically designed to hug the floor and and help to provide a more slide-resistant experience to furbabies while searching for their treats!

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Pet's can't control their slobbery messes. Luckily, Forager™ Mats are made from easily washable materials, so they can be washed and back in your furbaby's paws by dinnertime.

A Safer Way to Play

Designed with a curious pup in mind, we made sure that the strap used to easily roll up and store the Forager™ Mat could be secured safely under the mat while dogs forage. Pets won't get distracted and will instead stay focused on the Forager™ Mat!

Visual Stimulation

Mimicking a clearing in a forest, our meadows add excitement for any furbaby by creating a jackpot of multiple treat and food pieces to prevent frustration and encourage continued foraging!

Food Bowl Replacement

Replace traditional food bowls with our interactive Forager™ Mat for a more permanent solution for feeding problems such as fast eating or feeding motivation.

For Every Need

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