Benefits of Diapers for Dogs in Heat

Updated: February 16, 2024

All dogs are different and the heat cycle can differ from one dog to another. But generally, they will often go to heat once every six months (that is about twice a year).

During the duration of the heat cycle, female dogs will go through various changes in their body and behavior. The most notable signs of a dog heat include the swelling of the vulva and the bloody discharge.

Because of the bloody discharge, female dog diapers for heat cycles are recommended. Using a diaper for dogs in heat will help protect your home from messes. Let’s take a look at the benefits of diapers for dogs in heat.

Can dogs in heat wear diapers? Absolutely! In this article, we will talk about dealing with bloody discharge by placing a diaper on a dog in heat, how to put a diaper on a dog, and the benefits of diapers for dogs in heat.

Why Use a Diaper for Dogs in Heat?

Should a dog in heat wear diapers? According to Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital, absolutely yes! A diaper on a dog in heat can save a lot of cleaning and frustration. But, there are other benefits to a dog heat diaper as well!

"Using a diaper for dogs in heat will help protect your home from messes."

Dog Diaper, Diapers for Dogs in Heat

One of the most recognizable signs of a dog in heat is vaginal bleeding. This may not be evident during the Proestrus stage but will then become visible as your furbaby enters the Estrus stage. Some female dogs will experience heavy vaginal bleeding, the others will only have minimal bleeding, while some do not even bleed at all (silent heat).

Diaper on dog in heat is a lifesaver as this can help you in more ways than one! Diaper on dog in heat can:

Dog Diapers prevent your dog from soiling things at home. As mentioned, a dog in heat will experience vaginal bleeding. Female dogs in heat may possibly leave stains in your house and soil your carpets, couch, and furniture. A diaper on dog in heat may help prevent messy cleanups.

Putting a diaper on a dog in heat prevents her from constantly licking her vulva. As a result of the vaginal discharge, a dog in heat may constantly lick around her vulva a lot more to keep herself clean. This seldom causes any serious problem unless the licking is too much. Dog in heat diaper helps prevent your dog from licking their vulva too much and prevents skin soreness and infection.

Dog heat diapers prevent accidents in the house. Due to the hormonal changes a dog goes through when she is in heat, a potty-trained dog may make accidents. To avoid the frustration, a diaper on dog in heat is a must-have to prevent messy puddles at home.

Female dog diapers for heat cycles prevent unexpected breeding. Though a dog in heat diaper will not keep the male dogs away, it will serve as a cover-up for female dogs in heat, efficiently preventing any penetration. A dog in heat diapers will have better defense against unplanned pregnancy.

Pet Parents® Diapers for Dogs in Heat

A dog’s heat can last several days or weeks so it just makes sense that washable diapers are the favored option. Washable diapers, like Pet Parents® Diapers for Dogs in Heat, were designed to prevent messes, like the discharge from a dog in heat! These diapers for dogs in heat come in packs of three. So, you can have one on your furbaby, one in the wash, and one on hand just in case! It is more cost-effective, too, compared to frequently buying disposable diapers that can get shredded anytime!

Dog Diapers

"Pet Parents® Dog Diapers absorb any moisture quickly, to help prevent diaper rash, urine burn and keep your furbaby comfortable."

These washable dog heat diapers were crafted to last and won’t be easily shredded by persistent furbabies. These are also made with our soft non-abrasive WickQuick® proprietary fabric that absorbs any moisture quickly. Pet Parents® Dog Diapers also help prevent diaper rash and urine burns, allowing your furbaby to feel comfortable. These offer you additional benefits like the following:

  • waterproof exterior shell means no leaking through the diaper
  • no need to engage in cleaning after messy stains
  • no foul odor lingering at home
  • great for travel, especially if you are visiting somebody else’s home and are scared your furbaby may soil things
  • offers your furbaby the freedom she deserves even when she is in heat
  • adjustable fasteners with elastic leg and tail bands for comfort.

Indeed, Pet Parents® Dog Diapers are the best diaper on dog in heat if you are looking for comfort and quality. Here are a few common questions about using a diaper for dogs in heat:

How Often to Change Dog Diaper in Heat

You should change female dog diapers for heat cycles approximately every 4 hours. Put a fresh diaper on your dog before bed and change it first thing in the morning.

How Long Can a Dog Wear a Diaper in Heat?

A dog can wear a diaper throughout her entire heat cycle. Just make sure that you are changing it regularly. When changing the diaper, take a moment to brush out the area if your dog has long fur and use a dog wipe to clean away any mess.

How to Put a Diaper on a Dog in Heat

What is the easiest way how to put a diaper on a dog? First, find the right for your dog. It is best that you take into consideration your furbaby’s body type and exact measurements before choosing. Do not guess your dog's size.

You can use a tape measure to measure your dog's waist in front of their back legs. If your dog is in between sizes of dog diaper for heat, factor in their weight; i.e. a heavier dog, go up a size, for a skinnier dog, go down a size.

diaper on dog in heat
  1. To put a diaper on your furbaby, start by placing your their tail through the diaper’s tail hole.
  2. Pull the dog diaper up to the base of your dog’s tail and pull any excess fur out through the elastic tail hole to prevent any messes and matting.
  3. Take the bottom half of the diaper and pull it underneath your female's hind legs so that it effectively covers their private area.
  4. Bring the straps up on either side in front of your female dog's hind legs towards their back. Then, attach the fasteners on top for a snug, but not too tight fit.

Voila! You are have a diaper on a dog in heat. Now, if this is your dog’s first heat, she may be less cooperative. Be sure to give praise and positive reinforcement while putting the diaper on your female in heat to build a good experience. If you find your dog in heat won’t keep a diaper on, you can try these tricks while she gets used to it.

A diaper on a dog in heat helps manage your dog’s heat cycle as it should be a wonderful experience. There are so many benefits of diapers for dogs in heat. Use these tips to find the right dog in heat diapers and know how to use them. While your dog is in heat, make sure to watch her closely, give her some extra love and attention, and use a dog diaper for heat.

Diapers for dogs in heat prevent messes and pregnancy

For the best results, ensure the right fitting diaper

Dog heat diapers should be changed regularly for comfort