The Pet Parents® Guide to Dog Belly Bands

Updated: April 27, 2022

Dog belly bands are a relatively new product in the market that are specifically made for male dogs, so you may still be quite confused about what they are - which is totally fine!

In this article, we’ll go over what belly bands are, what makes belly bands for dogs different from dog diapers, what these are used for, the pros and cons of belly bands for dogs, and the many other things you should know about these dog wraps.

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"Dog belly bands are absorbent wrapped around your male furbaby that consist of an outer waterproof shell has inner liner."

What is a Belly Band for Dogs?

Dog belly bands have many names: they are also known as male dog diaper wraps, boy dog diapers, and dog wraps. Belly bands are absorbent bands wrapped around your male furbaby’s belly to protect your house and sanity for when he tries to mark or pee, and is helpful in many instances. Belly bands consist of an outer waterproof shell with an absorbent inner liner.

Difference Between Dog Belly Bands and Dog Diapers

Dog diapers are exactly what the name implies: diapers. These are precisely like human baby diapers except that dog diapers have holes for your furbaby’s tail. Dog diapers are made for both pee & poop coverage and can be worn by both male and female dogs.

Belly bands are made only for urine coverage and can be worn only by male dogs (as the bands go around your furbaby’s belly, covering his private part).

The Pet Parents® Belly Bands

Among the many belly bands options in the market, one of the most recommended and trusted are Pet Parents® Belly Bands. These belly bands have been tested and crafted to not only prevent accidents from turning into messes but for many other cases as well. Get ready as we dig in a little farther on everything we need to know about dog belly bands, specifically Pet Parents® Belly Bands!

The Many Uses of Belly Bands

Spot marking

Dogs are territorial by nature and marking is their way of protecting their territory, family, and belongings. According to Dog Time, like most creatures, including humans, dogs are territorial by nature. This is based on the fact that possession of those resources deemed valuable (including territory) bodes well for survival. Marking is also their own way of communicating with other dogs and animals. Spot marking can also be because of stress, sexual maturity, or an underlying health condition.

If you notice your furbaby developing a marking behavior or is suddenly marking with no known reasons to you, consult your vet. Your veterinarian will be able to diagnose the cause of the marking and recommend management plans. While on the process of dealing with your furbaby’s spot marking, belly bands will save your house from any mess caused by your dog’s marking.

Excitement urination

Excitement urination can happen when your pup suddenly peed because of too much excitement. This type of urination is mostly seen in puppies and young adult dogs. Excitement urination can happen in any situation that excites your dog: playing, taking a walk to the park, meeting new dog friends & human friends with high energy greetings, when you come home after a long day, and a lot more.

Having your male dog wear belly bands, you won’t have to worry anymore every time he gets excited as you know that belly bands will prevent all your things from getting soiled, especially your carpet, floor, and new shoes!

Submissive Urination

When your dog suddenly pees whenever he gets scared, terrified, defeated, etc., that is what is called submissive urination. Submissive urination is a common behavior problem in shy and fearful dogs. It is a subconscious acknowledgment of any dominance present in the surrounding that your furbaby cannot control.

While still in the process of fixing your furbaby’s submissive urination issues and building his confidence, you can have him wear belly bands for the meantime.

Urinary Issues

Urinary Incontinence. Urinary incontinence is when your furbaby loses full control of his bladder, which can be really scary. This may seldom happen and may only be little drips, or it can happen chronically where your dog leaks large amounts of urine.

Incontinent dogs leak urine anytime - while resting, sleeping, walking. This is why belly bands are amazingly helpful for you who may be dealing with an incontinent dog.

Urinary Infections. Dogs can get a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) when bacteria overruns the urinary tract system. When your male dog develops a UTI, peeing will be hard and may even contain blood. And because the urinary tract becomes irritated, the urge to urinate increases. Dog belly bands help prevent accidental urination caused by UTI issues from happening in your home. They also protect your furbaby’s private area from getting rubbed on or getting direct contact with the ground or with a dirty floor that may complicate the infection more.


When you go on long road trips with your furbaby and time is a great factor to consider, belly bands can sure come in handy to help you minimize the number of stops you’ll have to make for potty breaks. Also, dogs can either get overly excited when traveling or become stressed out, so belly bands can help prevent any accidents from occurring in the car.

Potty training

Potty training your furbaby can be disappointing because of the accidents that usually take place during the process. To avoid messes and unnecessary stress on both you and your dog, a belly band can be used if you are going through this exciting (but obliging) stage. This will prevent pee stains and odors from seeping into your carpets and soiling your furniture.

Potty training is also suggested for your newly rescued dog. As adjusting to his new home and adapting new routines will take some getting used to, dog belly bands are perfect for those rescued male dogs who may randomly lift their leg inside your house while trying to make themselves feel at home.

Another potty training situation is for apartment occupants and those who don’t have their own backyard. You may have to train your male pup to wear a belly band since going outside is not an available or frequent option for you.

Post-Operation Management

Covering & protecting surgical wounds. Dog belly bands can also act as a recovery band or abdominal binder for your furbaby after surgery. It can serve as a compression belt (adjusting the tightness from the hook and loop velcro fasteners) that girdles the abdomen, maintaining abdominal pressure and decreasing post-operative pain.

After an operation in the abdominal area of your dog, you will probably be stressed about helping keep the bandage intact to protect their wound from being licked and scratched. Our belly bands can act as a protective covering to keep the bandage on.

Medicine side effects. Pet medications involve a series of side effects that include vomiting, diarrhea, lumps, skin irritation, and increased or uncontrolled urination. When your furbaby is taking a medication that may result in bladder-related side effects, belly bands can come in handy if they are needing to empty their bladder more often or unexpectedly. Additionally, according to PetMD, since many medications are given to your furbaby by mouth and are absorbed through the urinary tract, it’s not too surprising that side effects are quite common and can cause urinary changes. This is why dog belly bands are remarkably helpful in preventing accidents and keeping your home clean.

Pregnancy Prevention

Belly bands can also be used as ‘chastity belts’ for dogs. It can be declared as one of the most efficient, non-surgical forms of male birth control.

When you have female dogs at home or if there are female dogs nearby that are in heat, your male dogs will do everything to get to her and mate. Dog belly bands will safeguard (being wrapped around a dog’s midsection, enclosing his privates) against penetration during mating and thus will prevent any unplanned breedings.

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What Makes Pet Parents® Washable Belly Bands Special?

Reusable and eco-friendly. Pet Parents® Washable Belly Bands are washable and reusable to make the effects on the environment a little less drastic. Disposable belly bands add to landfill waste build-up.

The magic of three. Our belly bands come in packs of three for optimal use. “Three’s a Charm” when you can have…

  • One belly band on your dog
  • One used belly band in the wash
  • And one belly band on hand just in case!

Variety of choices. Whether you want your good boy to blend in or stand out, Pet Parents® has them covered. Our dog belly bands are offered in different packs that consist of attractive, bold colors or fur-blend neutral tones.

Full range of sizes. Our belly bands have sizes ranging to fit the lean and lanky, the built and broad, the short and petite, and every furbaby in between!

Super absorbent, sewn-in pad. Pet Parents® Washable Belly Bands have sewn-in absorbency pads for convenience. After your furbaby marks or lets a little out in excitement, all you have to do is wash, dry, repeat!

Wick-away mesh fabric lining. Our belly bands only use the finest fabrics. The inner lining is made of soft, non-abrasive, and wicking fabric, which makes it comfortable and easier for your furbaby to accept and wear. For long periods of wear, this high-quality mesh fabric helps prevent sores, burns, and discomfort.

Leak-proof & waterproof exterior shell. Optimization is key. In addition to our sewn-in absorbency pads, the exterior shell of Pet Parents® Washable Belly Bands has an innovative leak-proof and waterproof design.

Security with movability. Pet Parents® Washable Belly Bands use a fur-safe adjustable hook and loop velcro system that holds a broad array of sizes and provides the satisfaction of getting a leakproof fit. But there’s more! To add to the adjustability, our belly bands have an elastic edge designed to move with your furbaby, ensuring that it stays in place!

How to Put On Dog Belly Bands

Pet Parents® Washable Belly Bands let your handsome furbaby leave his mark without leaving a mess. The simple, efficient design saves him from leaving his scent in your home, in just four easy steps!

Step 1: Place belly band under your dog.

Step 2: Wrap the belly band around your dog’s underbelly.

Step 3: Secure Velcro closure on top and adjust for proper fit.

Step 4: Looks pawfect!

You just simply wrap the belly band around your dog’s belly, making sure his private area is covered well. Make sure you adjust the Velcro and that the band is not too tight that your dog will have trouble moving around, but not too loose that it won’t stay in place.

In choosing the size of the belly band, make sure to keep a few things in mind. How to keep a belly band on dog? Do not guess your dog's size. Make sure you measure your pup’s waist in front of his back legs. If your furry friend is in between sizes, factor in your dog’s weight/fur; i.e. if he is a heavier pup or has more fur, go up a size, a skinnier dog or is not fluffy, go down a size.

Additional tip: It is necessary to change your furbaby’s belly band at least every 3-4 hours or as soon as it is soiled. Allowing pee to sit against your dog's skin for a long period of time can cause infections and will make your dog uncomfortable. No one wants that!


How to Wash Your Belly Bands

Read about how to wash your belly bands here!

"The exterior shell of Pet Parents® Washable Belly Bands has an innovative leak-proof and waterproof design."

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Whether it’s marking, incontinence, house training, or whatever concern it is you have with your male furbaby, Pet Parents® Belly Bands are designed to be a lifesaver in stressful situations; they are a comfortable fit, leak-proof and waterproof, washable & reusable, and have a wick-away mesh fabric lining and sewn-in absorbent pad - all for a happier and healthier life ahead.

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