Efficient Ways to Help an Arthritic Dog

When we come across the term arthritic dog, what comes into our mind is a senior dog. But that is not always the case. Arthritis does not only happen in old dogs because signs and symptoms begin to show up by the time your fur-baby turns a year old.

arthritic dog

So yes, unfortunately, your fur-baby is at risk of experiencing arthritis but that must not mean he can no longer run, jump or play. Here, we've come up with a list of the important things to do in case your fur-baby becomes an arthritic dog.


When your fur-baby is going through pain, the key to helping him feel better is by making him feel comfortable. Here are a few things you can do to lessen his everyday pain:

Take him to the vet regularly. Your vet knows best. Taking your dog to the vet for regular check ups is necessary to know the cause and in which level of pain your dog's arthritis belongs to. Proper diagnosis leads to the right treatment plan for your fur-baby.

Exercise. An active life is a healthy life. Your arthritic dog must live an active life full of walking, running and playing because this will keep him slim and fit, and thus will help in decreasing the weight load on the joints. Staying active is good for your arthritic dog but in moderation. Make sure you monitor what he's doing and make sure he's doing his activities on soft surfaces to avoid further traumas to the joints and/or injuries.

Keep it cool and dry. Damp places and cold weather can worsen your fur-baby's arthritis. Always make sure he stays warm and dry at all times. You can consider providing him a comfortable padded and thick bed and perform hot compresses every night.

Supplement. There are hip and joint supplements that are a must for your arthritic dog. Supplements containing Glucosamine and chondroitin can help in improving better joint mobility and support better joint functioning for fur babies going through arthritis. But remember that hip and joint supplements for dogs are exactly what they are - supplemental. They only help in the medical management of diseases and are not meant to stand alone as treatment.

Arthritis doesn't go away overnight and some may need life-long treatment and management. But know that there are efficient ways to make your fur-baby's life still enjoyable. Know, too, that your arthritic dog's life will be a little less painful with you by his side.