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Why is proper dog nutrition important?

What is proper dog nutrition and why is it important? Your dog's nutrition plays a vital role in his overall behavior and wellness. But did you know that nutrition is not just about what you feed your dog? It is also about doing things that can be good for your fur-baby's welfare like exercise and socialization that also contributes to your fur-baby's growth.

proper dog nutrition

Proper dog nutrition should never be taken lightly because each nutrient your dog needs has a purpose. The following are the benefits of proper nutrition in your fur-baby and the possibilities if ever your dog doesn't meet the necessary nutrients needed to fuel his active body.


Health skin and fabulous coat in dogs has been one of the top signs pet parents always look for to know if their fur-babies are healthy. And yes, that's true! Why? Because when your fur-baby intakes the right and balanced amount of essential fatty acids (omega-6 and omega-3), his skin will be able to display a shiny coat. These essential fatty acids, too, that are fundamental for proper dog nutrition help minimize itching and inflammation in your dog. Lack of these will result in skin that's dry & flaky and coat that easily falls out.

Consider providing your fur-baby Pet Parents ® Skin and Coat Supplements that can help keep dog's skin and coat healthy and shiny! It will reduce your dog's shedding, will help prevent itching & irritation and can even aid in hair regrowth in bald areas! If your dog has skin allergies, these supplements may help reduce itchiness and skin inflammation.


Your fur-baby's body is made up of protein. Protein builds up the hair, skin, organs and body tissues of your dog. It is also needed to help the body be able to repair damaged cells and regenerate new ones. The protein you give to your dog through his food and supplementation assures in structuring and keeping healthy muscles.

Consider providing Pet Parents® Turmeric for Dogs Supplement will provide your fur-baby with healthy ingredients that can help promote dog immune support & dog joint health


The vitamins, minerals, and nutrients your fur-baby gets from proper dog nutrition will keep his immune system fully functioning. Vitamins reduce daily damages to the cells, minerals help the cells properly do what they're supposed to do. Without the right amount of vitamins and minerals, your fur-baby will ultimately become weak and sick.


Another role of proper dog nutrition is that it helps promote proper digestion of food, better absorption of nutrients and healthier bowel movement. Carbohydrates, one of the most needed nutrients of your fur-baby, provide the fiber that aids in the digestion process. Proper digestion is necessary since the absorption of nutrients depends on this.

Consider providing Pet Parents® Probiotic Supplement supports proper digestion in your customer’s dog as well as the proper distribution of vitamins and minerals throughout the body.


For your fur-baby's nutrition to be optimum, there are ways and things you can start doing immediately to ensure that your dog is doing best in life.

  • Provide a healthy and balanced diet consisting of protein, whole foods, fiber, etc. Avoid processed foods as much as possible.
  • Take regular trips to the vet. Seeing your vet will help you a lot in determining what nutrients should you be giving your fur-baby at this very specific stage of his life.
  • Provide a healthy environment. As mentioned above, nutrition is also about the activities and surroundings of your dog that contributes a lot to his growth and well-being. What is a nutritional diet if the things around him are messy, and causes him a lot of stress?
  • Provide supplements that will help boost and strengthen his nutrition. Oh, how we wish dog foods can fully meet the nutritional needs of our furry friends, but they don't. This is why it's very important that you supplement it. There are many dog supplements available in the market today but only a few are of high quality, trusted and effective. Pet Parents® Dog Supplements are clinically proven and have absolutely no fillers, such as rice & oats. These dog supplements are manufactured to have more active ingredients than other leading dog supplements, helping ensure that it is able to provide the best value to support your dog's health.
proper dog nutrition

Proper dog nutrition is very important for our fur-babies for them to be able to live a happier and healthier life. And as pet parents, it is our major responsibility to give them that and more.

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Micka Virtudazo

Micka Virtudazo is a full-time content creator at Pet Parents who lives with thirteen adorable American Bullies and a Shih Tzu-Maltese mix named Gretel. She especially enjoys writing how-to articles as she feels through this she can connect to other pet parents on a more personal level.

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