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  • sf_item_img1 Insert PetTergent®.
    (no bleach)
  • sf_item_img2 Wash on Regular Cycle
    (warm water)
  • sf_item_img3 Dry on Medium Heat

Unlike other products, Pet Parents® premium pet blankets can use fabric softener!

Removing Lingering Stains

Use dawn dish soap

Spot treat areas with lingering stains with Dawn soap before washing a normal.

Ways to get excess odor out

White Vinegar

Many pet parents mix a tablespoon or less of the vinegar in with their detergent and then wash as normal. If the scent is very strong you can also go up to a half cup and add it to your load via the bleach dispenser of your machine.

Baking Soda

Dissolve 1 cup of baking soda in 4 cups of hot water. Then add the solution to cool water, enough to submerge your product(s) and let it soak for two to four hours.

Oxyclean and like Products

If the laundering product does not have fabric softener in the ingredients it is safe to use and will not affect absorbency.

Regular Loads


Add 1-2 oz of PetTergent®


Depending on level of soil and odor *HE and Regular Washer Compatible

Larger Loads


Add 2 oz or more of PetTergent®

Washing Essentials


Dog or Cat Hair? Not Anymore.

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Wash Bags

Storage & Protection Before, During,
& After Pet Laundry.

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