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  • sf_item_img1 No prep is needed. Toss 1 FurBall® for each standard laundry load.
  • sf_item_img2 No need for dryer sheets. Toss 1 FurBall® for each standard dryer load.
  • sf_item_img3 For larger loads you can use more than 1 FurBall® at a time to ensure your laundry is free of any fur or debris!

How FurBall® Works In The Washer

Acts like an agitator to

1. Preps laundry for the dryer by loosening matted down fabrics and loosening fur from laundry
2. Rub/Scrub against clothing stains for a more efficient clean

How FurBall® Works In The Dryer

Neutralizes static

Neutralizes static charge that causes the fur to no longer be attracted to the rest of the laundry

Beating affect

Beats against the laundry to remove loosened fur and debris

Separating clothing

Separates clothing for an efficient, faster, and more effective drying time

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